Are you...

  • A professional looking to further your career in the social impact sector

  • Already working in the social change sector and you want to develop a new project

  • Planning to create a new social change vision within an existing organisation


But under the following conditions...

  • You want to deploy your energy efficiently and not work against it

  • You want activities that guide you into action

  • You want to feel aligned with your social impact mission and follow your curiosity too

  • You want enough space to work on your plan but appreciate professional guidance

  • You want to feel energised and full of clarity to embrace your next project

Narrow your options, focus and get moving

Use this unique self-paced course to assess and make changes in your professional journey, to transform people's lives (and yours!). Alongside this course's eight modules, get in touch with the community to bring your learning to life.
Ignite your social impact career

How this course will help you

Through a tested, creative process, you will

  • Understand your unique strengths pattern

  • Break down and flip the assumptions that slow you down

  • Articulate what your impact offer is

  • Understand how you fit in the sector (and vice versa)

  • Package your offer in a way people understand and makes them want to engage with you

  • Gain control of your plan through a well crafted roadmap

  • Finally, share your impact approach and influence others in creative ways

What you will achieve

In 8 modules, this self-paced course will take you through a step-by-step process to

  • Find alignment

    Combine the power of your past stories, your values and your imagination, to generate new sparkling insights. Find alignment and gain clarity about your next steps.

  • Gain momentum

    Accumulate a series of quick wins around communication, relationships and network building, self-marketing, and planning, at a sustained pace.

  • Grow your reach

    Create a meaningful and focused strategy to develop a relevant network in the social change sector, be more visible, and accelerate your Social Impact Career.

Free Bonus Community Membership!

A package of 4 months of additional support (Value £697)

  • Community Support

    Benefit from a safe, curated community to develop connections, try out new projects, exchange various approaches and be accountable.

  • Implement your roadmap

    Implement in real-time what you've learned on the course. Adjust your roadmap as you go with your new insights and exchange with the community.

  • Inspiring Learning Features

    Get live Q&A sessions with Servane about the course content; Insightful guest interviews; Challenges for you to go the extra mile... and motivational bite-sized videos to keep you going.

Your curriculum

  • 2

    Module 1 Get ready!

  • 3

    Module 2 Look back to look forward

    • Module 2 Objectives

    • Why we look back to look forward (Video)

    • Exercise #1 Your Strengths Pattern (Download)

    • Exercise #2 Your DNA Capsule Statement (Download)

    • Modification... If you have more time (Linkedin Profile check)

  • 4

    Module 3 Unlock your flywheel

    • Module 3 Objectives

    • Exercise #1 How to unlock your flywheel (VIDEO)

    • Download "Unlock Your Flywheel" guide

    • Reminder about purpose, goal, strategies, actions (VIDEO)

    • Exercise #2 Start materialising your flywheel with a roadmap

  • 5

    Module 4 Prepare your demo pack

    • Module 4 Objectives

    • Exercise #1 Prepare content for your interviews and online interactions

    • Modification... If you have more time (Prepare future posts)

  • 6

    Module 5 Make your network work

    • Module 5 Objectives

    • Why you need to make your network work (Video)

    • Exercise #1 Ask your Oracles about "the Future of X” + Template

    • Modification.... if you have more time (make your ask public!)

  • 7

    Module 6 List your conditions

    • Module 6 Objectives

    • Exercise #1 List your conditions (Video)

    • Exercise #2 Connect with recruiters and referrals

    • Modification... if you have more time (User Manual of Me - Download)

  • 8

    Module 7 Amplify your voice

    • Module 7 Objectives

    • Why you need to amplify your voice (Video)

    • Exercise #1 What kind of voice do you want to have?

    • Exercise #2 Launch your blog or podcast + Template

    • Modification... if you have more time (Broadcast your voice!)

  • 9

    Module 8 Sustain your gains

  • 10

    Before you go...

    • Before you go...

  • 11

    Next Steps - a special offer for you

    • A special offer for you

Your Thinking Partner

Servane Mouazan

Hi, I am Servane, founder of Ogunte, and Conscious Innovation. In the past 20 years, I have supported ca 10,000 women leaders in the social economy globally, with leadership development programmes, discoveries, networks development and growth accelerators. I am proud to have helped amplify the women-led social entrepreneurship ecosystem. I am passionate about helping you deliver a great impact through your work and in the field that attracts you the most. One of my passions is Capoeira, a Brazilian Martial Arts, which in the past 23 years, has been challenging for my body but very good for my soul! You can read more about my work on

What Previous Participants Say

It sparks your creativity

Hermina Popa - Social Finance Professional - UK

"I've become better able to articulate what I really want to work towards at this time, identify opportunities to move in that direction, and become more comfortable saying "no" to distractions. What I appreciated the most is the playfulness of the coaching tools, and the use of a variety of different kinds of exercises which sparked creativity. I also liked the energy of following the inspiration, rather than "trying to fix" something."

You adjust your goals on your terms

Nicole - Social Economy Consultant - Australia

"I realised that what I thought was my focus actually wasn't, and I was able to step back and reassess to find what sat better with me; I had to try it out first to realise! I can see how experienced you are Servane and able to move people on their journey quite quickly! Thank you so much!"

Makes you drive action

K.D. Organisational Development Professional - Scotland

I know for certain that I would not be this far without your guidance and support. You've no idea how grateful I am. I'm very good at helping others create plans and stick to them but I can be a bit rubbish at taking my own advice. This really has made me focus and I feel so motivated at the moment. A million thanks"

I can communicate the change I want to see

Emiliya Ivanova-Nikolova, Independent Law Practice Professional and Community Activist - Iceland

"This course helped me to find many hidden parts of me like skills and qualities. It helped me to clear my goals and steps to achieve them. It helped me to improve my self-confidence. I learned how to communicate with people and how to ask for help in a new way. And last but not least, I am super motivated and know that "There is no way to no way". Thank you!"

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